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Ritu Malik, MD

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What our patients have to say:

“You are extremely efficient and professional yet have a warm and personal interest in your patients”

Dr. Ritu Malik is a Board Certified Endocrinologist. She is one of only 3 physicians in New Jersey to be additionally board certified in obesity management. This makes her uniquely qualified to both diagnose the cause of obesity, and to treat the condition.

Dr. Malik did her residency in internal medicine from University at Buffalo. She was awarded the “Best Resident Award for Excellence in Bedside Medicine”. She was also selected the chief resident for the residency program. Dr. Malik did her fellowship in “Endocrinology and Metabolism” from University at Buffalo. She has worked at many distinguished institutions as an Endocrinologist. She was a consulting endocrinologist at Buffalo VA Medical Center, at Allegheny General hospital and at Rochester Regional Health system. She was awarded the “Best Physician in America”award in 2015.

While working as an endocrinologist, Dr. Malik realized how important it was for her patients to lose weight. She researched extensively and developed her weight management program.

She started the weight management program with a small group of her own patients. She saw dramatic improvement in diabetes, blood pressure control, arthritis pain and overall well-being with weight loss.

As her program has grown, she has witnessed remarkable results with the program. She has been able to decrease diabetes medicines, including insulin, in her patients as they lose weight. Other patients have improved blood pressure control and their blood pressure medicines were either decreased or discontinued. Her patients also report improvement in heartburn and were able to decrease or stop their heartburn medicines. Couple of her patients also resolved their sleep apnea and were able to get off the CPAP machine.


  • Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Board Certified, American Board of Obesity Medicine