Congratulations! We have been preparing you for this day right from the start. We will gradually transition you to eating grocery food during the sustaining phase, and then to our S.T.A.R. program (Steps To Avoid Regain). From your first day at The TrueU, you have been attending classes/meetings preparing you for weight loss maintenance; often the neglected part of an effective weight loss program. We have been teaching you about nutrition in real life terms. We have been helping you to make the best choices in social situations, and how to prepare food the best way in order to keep your weight off. We helped separate fact from fiction concerning new food products and choices available so you can choose the best choices for yourself and not be tied to a diet forever. We have helped you to deal with your relationship with food by identifying your triggers and replacing them with alternate behaviors. We have helped you navigate social situations and combat stress eating.

You are ready! You have already begun to craft your new mindset and lifestyle and are prepared to eat “regular” food and make your best choices, and we will be there to monitor and support you for continued success!