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Phase 1: Screening

You’ll meet with Dr. Ritu Anand for a medical exam and discuss your health history.

She will also prescribe a complete metabolic panel lab to analyze and address hormonal changes, metabolism, diabetes/pre-diabetes, PCOS, hyperlipidemia, thyroid, or any issue that may have made weight loss difficult for you


Phase 2: Reducing

You’ll experience quick significant weight loss without hunger, using our delicious, scientifically designed meal replacements to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs for safe effective weight loss. Each week, you’ll learn practical techniques with our behavioral weight loss counselor (convenient Zoom “classes”) to stay focused on reaching your healthy goals.  Dr. Ritu Anand will monitor your progress and at this point, a majority of our patients have reduced or eliminated medication for blood pressure or diabetes as a result of losing weight.


Phase 3: Adapting

As you get closer to your healthy weight, we begin to add grocery foods to your daily diet and eliminate the number of meal replacement products. You’ll be monitored by Dr. Ritu Anand and will continue to learn and apply real life behavioral techniques to avoid falling back into habitual behaviors.


Phase 4: Maintaining

You’ll be eating all foods from all food groups and practicing the lifestyle and weight management skills you learned at TheTrueU.  You’ll continue to attend our “classes”, we’ll help you make the right food choices, and we’ll give you all the support you need to help you maintain your healthy new healthy weight.

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