Helping to bring you a healthier tomorrow….

Helping to bring you a healthier tomorrow….

Why Us

The TrueU medical weight loss program uses New Direction meal replacements for quick weight loss and improved health while teaching you how to make lasting lifestyle changes. You’ll be medically monitored by Dr. Ritu Anand, Board Certified in Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, as well as in Obesity Medicine. This makes her uniquely qualified to both diagnose the cause of obesity, to treat this chronic disease and help you meet your healthy goals.

Often times, patients may experience a re-gain after having bariatric weight loss surgery, however, through The TrueU program, they’ve learned how to control their mindset and cravings and have reached and maintained a healthy weight. Starting on DAY 1 we prepare you for weight loss maintenance, as our goal is for you is to be weight-loss maintainer and not a re-gainer.  A majority of our patients have also reduced or eliminated medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as for other chronic diseases.

How It Works


Dr. Ritu Anand will go over your health history and your concerns. Depending on your medical indications, she’ll recommend using only meal replacements or, if you would prefer, a modified program.


You’ll experience quick significant weight loss without hunger, using our delicious scientifically designed New Direction meal replacements.



As you get closer to your healthy weight, we begin to add grocery foods to your daily diet and eliminate the number of meal replacement products.


You’ll be eating all foods from all food groups and practicing the lifestyle and weight management skills you learned at TheTrueU.

What Our Patients Say..

“I Came To Dr. Malik For A Thyroid Issue. I Was Not Looking For A Weight Loss Program But She Suggested The Diet And I Knew I Needed To Lose Weight. I’m So Glad That I Began The Program. In 6 Weeks, I Already Lost 47 Pounds! The Accountability Factor, And The Personal Attention I’m Getting Is What’s Making The Difference For Me. I’ve Already Lowered My Blood Pressure, I’m Sleeping Better, And I Have More Energy Than Before.”

Gregory, Shrewsbury

“The Classes Are Like A Life Raft For Me. Everyone Is So Supportive!”

Eve, Red Bank

“I Have Lost My First 35 Pounds And Am Determined To Lose The Rest. I Told My Friends About The TrueU Program, And They Joined And Are Also Successful! Even If I “Fall Off” I Know That I CAN Be Successful. I Just Get Myself Back Into The Classes And I Am Set For Another Week.”

C.F, Holmdel

“I Started 8 Weeks Ago, And Just Reached My First Goal! I’m So Proud Of Myself, And My Friends Are All Starting To Notice!”

Debbie, Holmdel

“I’m A College Student Under Dr. Malik’s Care And She Told Me That If I Lost Weight, My Other Health Issues Would Certainly Benefit. I Knew She Was Right And I Decided I Needed To Make A Big Change. With Her Supervision, And Marcie’s Coaching, I’ve Lost 62 Pounds In 12 Weeks! I Feel So Much Better, Have Lots Of Energy, My Blood Pressure Has Gone Down, And Am So Proud That I’m Going To Blog My Weight Loss Journey Online. I Look Forward To My Favorite Flavor Shakes, Stick With Them, Come To Lifestyle &Amp; Behavior Classes And Lose 5 Pounds A Week! Easy!  I’m So Happy With This Program.”

C.B, Neptune City

“I Have Lost 43 Pounds And I Feel Like A Completely Different Person. I Am Me 20 Years Ago. I Have So Much More Energy. Dr. Malik’s Weight Loss Program Is So Easy To Follow. Its Really Been A Turnaround And Its Been Great.”


Able To Keep It Off. I Know That The Lifestyle Changes You Taught Me Will Be For Life!”

Cindy, Colts Neck

“The Beauty Of The Program Is It’s So Easy And You See Immediate Results.”


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