Dr. Ritu Anand

Dr. Ritu Anand is the only physician in Monmouth County Board Certified in Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, as well as in Obesity Medicine. This makes her uniquely qualified to both diagnose the cause of obesity, and to treat this chronic disease.

Dr. Ritu Anand was in the internal medicine residency program at The University at Buffalo where she was selected the chief resident for the program and awarded the “Best Resident Award for Excellence in Bedside Medicine”.  She did her fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism at University at Buffalo and has been a consulting endocrinologist at Buffalo VA Medical Center, at Allegheny General hospital and at the Rochester Regional Health system before moving her practice and family to New Jersey in 2015.           

Dr. Ritu Anand has witnessed remarkable results. As her patients lost weight, she has been able to decrease or eliminate diabetes medications, including insulin. Other patients have been able to improve their blood pressure, some eliminating medication altogether. Her patients also report improvement in heartburn and were able to decrease or stop heartburn medications completely, and so many other benefits that go along with weight loss.

Marcie Seninsky BASW

A certified weight loss specialist, behavioral weight loss counselor Marcie is committed to her clients’ success and has helped hundreds of patients achieve their weight loss goals. Marcie has counselled weight management clients using cognitive behavioral techniques in lifestyle change, nutrition education, and food preparation. She enjoys her free time researching and cooking up delicious alternatives to maintain her own weight loss and healthy lifestyle because eating is one of the pleasures of life! Patients appreciate her non-judgmental positive approach, referring to her as “their life raft” keeping them afloat, laser focused and moving forward.